Joe Formanek

Joe Formanek is a composer / improviser / electroacoustic musician who’s interested in creating new forms of composition and improvisation (with a keen point on creative ways to blend the two) as well as using the apparatus Mirror Shards, an electroacoutic instrument set-up consisting of a laptop, drums, and a database.  With this set-up, Joe has created a technique to perform drum set and live effects simultaneously via digital signal processing which ultimately allows highly responsive digital and acoustic expressions, creating new and exciting sound forms into live improvisation and composition.

In 2013, Mirror Shards was involved as a music / sound composer for the film Ascese directed by Francois Ducat and featuring internationally recognized sound artist Francisco Lopez.


Joe Formanek has been involved with Mirror Shards, Chris Formanek, François Ducat, Francisco Lopez, Kouta, and Hervé Perez.










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