Joe Formanek Living room Sessions one

Extract from Ascèse

From François Ducat’s Ascèse.

Music and sound design by Chris and Joe Formanek.

Original samples by François Ducat and Francisco Lopez.


INFO: Extract of “ASCÈSE” my latest film shot both in Belgium and Malaysia (Borneo). A 28 minute long film about how listening matters when you want to reconnect with a natural world.  A fable with a couple hiking through a concrete jungle and a rainforest. Featuring Francisco Lopez, the Spanish composer of “La Selva” (1998).  -Ducat


Chris and Joe Formanek as Mirror Shards are currently working on the music for the film Ascèse with Belgian film maker François Ducat.  Projected to be published in September 2013.


More info Seingalt Asbl

Lost For Words

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Music by Mirror Shards

Mirror Shards (2012)

Mirror Shards Video

First show in Brussels

Chris Formanek – Limited CD release

Chris Formanek made 50 CD copies of his new PURVEYOR OF DREAMS EP complete with unique homemade CD sleeves of his collage work.

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